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Clean Plates Review Of Bubby’s

Clean Plates

Clean Plates—the essential resource for organic, local, sustainable clean eating— helps everyone, whether carnivore, vegan, gluten-free, Paleo, or somewhere in between, make better, more informed eating choices through its restaurant guides, email publications and app, in print, online and on your phone.

Taste of Tribeca guests who purchase a friends or family table will receive a complimentary copy of Clean Plates New York City 2015 book, the most comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to the healthiest, tastiest and most sustainable restaurants around.


120 Hudson Street, Tribeca

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This restaurant may have you re-evaluating your preconceived notion of the Yiddish term “bubby.” The ardently American menu lists “things we do to make good food for you” which includes everything from frying in organic, non-GMO, expeller-pressed canola oil to sourcing fish, flour, meat and milk from New York State sources. Barbecue, which is slow-smoked on the premises using local hogs and wood, is the specialty here. The basin-size barbecue sampler includes ribs, brisket and pulled pork punctuated with hot pepper flakes, and comes with two sides (we are fans of the sautéed spinach and baked beans). Bubby’s grinds meat daily for its mammoth grass-fed burger which emerges from the kitchen a ruddy medium-rare, its juices forming a beefy puddle for the crisp fries and a homemade dill pickle on the side. To even things out, order a seasonal vegetable plate loaded with farmers-market greens or a side of spinach sautéed with ample amounts of garlic.

This review is provided by Clean Plates, an excerpt from their NYC 2015 guide, and published with their permission.

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