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Wine Tasting Preview: Frankly Wines

Frankly“Fine Wine. No Attitude.” is the motto at Frankly Wines, on West Broadway between Murray and Warren. Owner Christy Frank’s friendly yet studied approach is evident in her description of what she will be pouring in her store this Saturday between 12:30pm-3:30pm:

We’re going with a trio of ciders. Rosé may be the new big thing, but we think cider is the NEXT new big thing. We’ll be pouring a range of styles, including some local and local-ish bottlings. So get ahead of the trend and come by to try what the next new fuss will be about.

  • Zapiain (Basque): Some basque ciders can be a little funky. They’re more of a love-it-or-hate it bottles. But this one is all love it. Crisp, racy, super refreshing… this is what you’ll want to drink when the heat spikes above 90. Price: $10.99
  • Slyboro Hidden Star (NY): Just a touch of sweetness makes this a lovely introduction to the world of cider. It’s charming and oh-so drinkable… like a perfectly ripe apple in liquid form. Price: $14.99
  • Eden Dry Sparkling (VT): The most wine-like of the bunch. Elegantly sparkling with just a touch of spice. It shows off cider’s sophisticated side. Price: $19.99