Brooklyn Beer & Cider Producers

We love downtown Manhattan for all of the obvious reasons–great parks and amenities, the tight-knit community, stellar schools and kids’ programs, and a restaurant scene that is next-to-none. But, something special is happening in Brooklyn right now that’s hard to ignore, including the rise of a slew of craft breweries and cider makers with excellent product. We’re proud to be featuring three of these Brooklyn producers at Taste of Tribeca 2016–Brooklyn Cider House, Kelso, and Sixpoint. We hope you get the chance to try each of them in turn!

Kelso kegs waiting to be consumed

Kelso kegs waiting to be consumed


Cider tasting at Brooklyn Cider House

Cider tasting at Brooklyn Cider House




Our Golden Restaurant Participants

Did you know that several restaurants presenting food at Taste of Tribeca 2016 have been with us since our founding in 1994? That’s over 20 years!

We’re so proud of these  “Golden” Restaurant Participants, and want to take the time to highlight them here as a way of saying THANKS for their steadfast support of the festival and Tribeca public schools PS 150 and PS 234.

Drumroll, please… Our Golden Partners include:

We’ll be highlighting these restaurants and more on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during this last week before the festival. Please continue to follow us @TasteofTribeca to learn more! And, please come and TASTE the amazing food that our acclaimed restaurants have to offer next Saturday, May 21st, at the 22nd Annual Taste of Tribeca!

Night at Bouley / Photo by Francesco Sapienza



Premium Festival Seating Still Available!

There’s still time to purchase premium seating at Taste of Tribeca 2016! Good for four or six people, premium tables are the festival’s first class tickets, its VIP section, if you will–a way to experience Taste in a whole new way.

Premium seating is available for business executives, families, or other groups who want to enjoy the festival with reserved seats, good for networking or just relaxing. Tickets for VIP tables include food runners at the event, a gift bag with cool merchandise, and recognition for your generous donation!

And not only that. By purchasing VIP seating, you’ll be helping to support Tribeca’s kids, as well! These tickets provide much needed funds for arts and enrichment programs at
PS 150 and PS 234 such as Music & Theater, Chess, Author Visits, and Museum Collaborations. It’s a win-win situation! Snag your tickets today before we run out!

Taste of Tribeca 2014 -_DSC2121-XL


Thursday, Smursday: Baked Tribeca Makes it Feel Better

Is it the weekend yet?! The sunshine this morning makes us wish we were at the park throwing a frisbee or outside brunching! But, alas, work and our busy weekday schedules beckon us to make it through TWO MORE DAYS until Saturday. There’s only one hope: the prospect of popping into Baked Tribeca on our way to work to pick up coffee and a goodie… Like a piece of lemon poppy bread! Wallah! Thursday transformed… Almost… Or, if you don’t have time today, visit the Baked booth at Taste of Tribeca and try the bakery’s lemon poppy loaf, gluten free cloud cookies, and faro salad. There’s something for everyone!

Baked Lemon


Raising Our Glasses to Chatham Brewing

We don’t think we’ve talked enough about this year’s superb Beer & Cider Tour. After the success of last year’s tour–our first ever–we patted ourselves on the backs and raised a glass or two to our success. But, as it turns out, we were just getting warmed up!

This year, we’ve expanded the tour lineup to include a host of new craft ales, stouts, and ciders by local producers. One of these producers–Chatham Brewing–has us smiling tonight as we consider the company’s great beer, great beer names (Brother Pucker, Czechr’d Past), funny music video (check out their website), and sparkling facility in upstate Chatham, New York. To sum it up: we’re excited to pour Chatham brew at the festival this year! Come try it!


Chatham facility



Outside Looking In, Or…?

We’re loving this photo by Anna Jones, taken from behind the glass at Grandaisy Bakery! If you’ve lived in New York for long, chances are that you’ve found yourself on the other side of the counter, waiting to get your hands on a piece of the bakery’s savory flatbread!

We’re proud to be serving Grandaisy’s Roman-style flatbreads and sandwiches again at this year’s festival, and hope to enjoy one with you. Don’t find yourself on the outside looking in! Buy your tickets now!




Dirty Bird To-Go Buttermilk-Dipped Chicken Nuggets

Looking for kid-friendly food options at this year’s festival? Or, love a good chicken nugget yourself every once in a while? Dirty Bird To-Go aims to please kids and adults alike in 2016 with its signature buttermilk-dipped fried chicken nuggets. Try ’em once and you’ll have Dirty Bird To-Go on speed dial, we promise.

Dirty bird


Cocktail Party Fun at Bar Cyrk

We couldn’t have asked for a better kickoff to this year’s festival than the party that Bar Cyrk threw for us last night! The space was sophisticated, the cocktails exquisite, the hors d’oeuvres delicious, and the cake… The cake! Please enjoy these snapshots of the evening, and if you missed the fun, we hope that you join us on May 21st for more of the same!


IMG_8507 IMG_8504 IMG_8497 IMG_8496 Bartenders PS234MOM_JJ LisaMerylBuxton GinaBettinaDennisSuwen



Expanded Beer & Cider Tour in 2016

Our inaugural Beer & Cider Tour was a runaway hit in 2015. This year, we hope to build on that success with an expanded lineup of local producers and pubs sure to please the ale and cider enthusiasts among us.

Returning beer and cider presenters include the outstanding: KelSo Beer Co., Gun Hill Brewing, Catskill Brewery, and The Bronx Brewery. New to this year’s festival are a whopping ten new local producers, including: Sixpoint, Chatham Brewery, Original Sin Cider, Brooklyn Cider House, Descendant Cider, Doc’s Cider, Greenport Harbor, Rockaway Brewing Co., Ommegang, and 212 Brewing Co.

Excellent pubs returning from last year include: Church Publick, Reade Street Pub, The Hideaway, Warren 77 and Woodrow’s. New in 2016 are neighborhood favorites Edward’s, Bar Cyrk, Tribeca Tap House and Bubby’s.

We hope to shine a spotlight on these local producers and drinking establishments, as well as our outstanding lineup of Tribeca restaurants, this week and next as we enter the final two weeks before the festival. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest announcements about Taste of Tribeca 2016, and click through to the “Tickets” section of this website to buy your tickets now! We can’t wait to see you at the festival!